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Terms and conditions of cooperation

Terms and conditions of cooperation

The agreement specifies the cooperation principles between Miasto Druku Tomasz Szalewski and a customer in terms of the order execution.
The executor (Miasto Druku Tomasz Szalewski) obliges to execute an order established in terms thoroughly and professionally.
The customer agrees to specify the terms and delivery details of each order. The customer is obliged to make a payment according to the rules specified below.

1. Order processing

a) Orders are placed only via e-mail
b) The processing will begin after receiving and confirming the order by the executor.
c) The order shall contain all information necessary, terms of execution, as well as full specification of the ordered product (size, kind of material, finish and kind of printing, amount, Pantone colours or way of packing).
d) After placing and confirming the order there is no possibility to change it, unless the executor gives the written confirmation of change term and price. e) The customer delivers file properly prepared to print. Executor does not take any responsibility for executing the order from the received file, especially the quality, colour of print and content.
f) The executor, by customer's request, can provide samples or finished product to confirm the quality and colour. Lack of reservations concerning samples or finished product is equal to acceptance of the product and since then there is no possibility of complaint on the product or its colour.

2. Payments

a) Price, term and terms of payment are established in the order confirmation.
b) Price can be changed due to change of the order by the customer, additional services or change in the exchange rate for the foreign customers.
c) In case of the payment's delay the order shall be postponed or completely deleted and the advance money shall be counted as the compensation for the established order and loss bound to the order.
d) Posting date at the executor's account is the day of the payment.
e) Complaint does not excuse the customer from the duty of payment.

3. Order execution

a) In case of the delivery delay with complete order and the required file, the executor will extend the term of executing the order.
b) The executor does not take any responsibility for the delay, damage or loss the delivery by the courier firm or other haulier.
c) Customer shall insure the products by themselves. The executor is not under the obligation of insuring the ordered product.
d) Executor packages the product but is not responsible for the delivery conditions and possible damages.
e) The executor does not bear any responsibility for the inadequate, or lack of the order execution caused by the force of circumstance provided that each side will inform the other in a written form.
f) The executor will make every effort to execute the order in collaboration with providers and partners.

4. Complaints

a) All complaints shall be made in written form not later than 3 days from the delivery.
b) In the moment of receiving the product customer is obliged to check product conformity to the order.
c) All complaints are processed within 10 days from the date of the receiving the written form.
d) If the product consists of few parts, only the defective part is considered as a part of the complaint and shall be presented and returned with a proper complaint form.
e) Complaints concerning colour shall be accepted only if samples, or finished product, were send to acceptance and differences in colour are considerable.
f) The executor does not take any responsibility for the order execution based on files provided by customer.
g) All costs of groundless complaints are covered by customer.
h) The executor does not consider complaints concerning mechanical damage or defects caused by weather conditions, such as UV radiation, winds, storms or water.

5. Final provisions

a) Customer is obliged to ensure that executed products does not violate the copyrights or other rights concerning the order and assumes full responsibility in the case of using such rights.
b) The executor is entitled to refuse to execute the order without giving any reason.
c) By placing an order the customer accepts and agrees to all the terms and conditions of cooperation. All the changes in the terms and conditions require written form, in other cases the changes are invalid.
d) Any statements concerning the execution of this of this agreement can only be made by the people of interest or their legal representation. A written consent is required in the latter case.
e) The court in which all of the disputes shall be settled is the Court of Szczecin.