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ABC of carpets
The carpets and the fitting carpets are back but in a different, matched to current finishing trim and customer's individual taste. The fitted carpets in general consist two layers: the fleece and the bottom. The top layer of the carpet, that you can walk on is the fleece. It is a plait of natural or synthetic fiber or mix of both of them.

The fleece can be divided for: polypropylen - extremely durable and resistant. It can be easily creased, for example due to heaviness of the furniture polyamid - it is resistant and soft at the same time. It is highly waterproof so even when you spill some liquid, it will not absorb it. wool - it is soft and warm. It is soundproof and does not pick up static.

The bottom of the fitted carpet is mainy made of felt, jute, sponge or gum. The fitted carpets are not waterproof so we do not recommend using them in the kitchen or bathroom. However they prove useful in the living room, kids room, as well as offices and other places, where they can protect from a noise and low temperatures. They can easily muffle the noise and let you take some rest, especially if you like to walk barefoot on carpets with longer bristle. There is a couple of ways of laying the fitted carpet depending on its dimensions, purpose and the kind of room, where it will be laid. Carpet with small dimensions can be laid freely, other ones are put on glue, two-sided adhesive tape or (American system). The floor should be prepared before laying the fitted carpet. It ought to be even, flat,dry, clean and it should not have any cracks.
Be sure that the carpet ought to lay indoor at least a few hours before putting it on the floor, especially if it was not transported properly (for example folded in half). After that, ou should check, where the carpet needs to be cut. Lay the carpet in the way, where the connecting lines of the parts of the carpet are perpendicular to the window and the room's route.