What do we do?

Advertising carpets are creating the image of the company, identyfying trademark and name in customer's memory. We offer advertising rugs with a logo of your company. The carpets are made of nylon or felt fiber. The bottom is made of gum. The products can be made with any graphic image chosen by customer.

Depending on the chosen fabric, we have do have accurate documents and certificates.

The new dimension of interior design

Regardless of rapid evolution of media and widening opportunities of machines, it is still extremely hard to find the perfect solution and good quality products. 'Miasto Druku' is the answer for ascending Customers' needs. We are implementing individual home decorating ideas confirming (?) your unusualness and need to express yourself. We are cooperating with interior decorators and National Institutions such as school and kindergarten.

Live colourful and with passion! In life of constant chase we build shelters for people, where they can take some rest and show their own ideas as well. Our quality is being appreciated in Scandinavia, Germany and Austria.


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or write an e-mail: biuro@druknadywanie.pl


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